World IBD Day 2013


The time has come once again for us to celebrate our disease and spread awareness.  This year I was inspired by CCFA’s poor attempt at marketing IBD.  As you know from previous posts that I was not for their Escape The Stall campaign.  I felt their campaign didn’t show just what our disease is or can do.

So, to keep this brief, I made my own video to show just what this disease is to us.  I hope you enjoy it.


5 comments on “World IBD Day 2013

  1. Nicely done but next time please include The Foundation for Nutrition and inflammatory Bowel diseases in Children, (NIBD). We are a non profit that raises awareness and supports science based nutrition research for juvenile IBD. To learn more about us please check out our website and we are a national resource link on the CCFA site as well. Lets change the way we first look at this disease and educate the medical community in proper nutrition. Thank you:)

    • To be honest, I hadn’t heard of NIBD. It sounds like you do great things and I will be checking you out. I definitely agree there needs to be more education on nutrition and how we look at IBD. For years I didn’t believe there was a correlation until I had a bad flare and a gluten free diet helped me 1000%.

  2. Reblogged this on asizCreatives and commented:
    Jeffrey did such an amazing job in honor of World IBD Day, that instead of trying to create something myself, I’ve decided to share. I hope that you are moved by the video as much as I was.

  3. As you can see I had to reblog this but I wanted to leave a comment as well. Just to say that you did a fantastic job with the video! I do feel a little left…well, maybe not given I had no picture to submit to you…Of course I just realized that I’m in possession of one now. LOL Eh, maybe next time. 😉
    Anyway… Thanks for making this. It truly was great!

  4. I REALLY wish there was an edit button for comments. Sigh…
    It’s supposed to say:
    “I just HAD to reblog”
    “a little left out”

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