Day 6 – #NHBPM – News Style Post


National Health Blog Post Month!


Since the explosion of the world wide web, many people have turned to going online to look for help for problems.  For many people with IBD, going to a doctor doesn’t always help.  They treat the physical problems, sometimes, and very rarely treat the mental problems.  Because of the lack of a bedside manner, patients with IBD look for treatment online in the form of forums, social medias and medical based sites.

One new site designed to help those with many illnesses, including IBD is  This is a new site which just came on the scene.  It was developed by 2 medical students, one of which has a relative with IBD.  The site is a user based site but also carries links to medical articles.  The design behind the site is that you can research not just the inner workings of your disease but get first hand help from people who also suffer from the same.

Another site, with a heavier user base is  This site is made so that you can connect with people who not only have your disease but live near you.  You can also ask questions to everyone on the site.  You can look up people taking the same meds as you or have the same side effects or even symptoms.

If you are looking for an upbeat site with a dose of comedy, turn to  Adam has UC and treats his disease with comedy.  He believes that laughter heals.  He also has on his site a place to post and answer questions from other IBDers.  Adam also post informative information about the disease and the treatments used.

If you’re looking for a feminine side to IBD, there is no shortage of that either.  Sara at is probably the most recognizable face for IBD.  She talks about a lot of personal dealings with Crohn’s and having a J-Pouch.  She has become an inspiration to so many people and when she is ill, she in overwhelmed with well wishers.

Another person who is big on helping others is Kelly.  She has a page on Facebook called I-Have-A-Bad-Tummy-With-An-Optimistic-Mind-Chronic-Illness-Support.  Kelly is the face of being brave and strong with IBD as she has been very sick this year but still manages to come online to help others.  She is yet another big inspiration to many.

If you have an ostomy and love videos then check out Maggie at www,   She shows everyone that just because you don’t have part or all of your intestines doesn’t mean you can’t live life.  She shows that you can do whatever you want to do, whether it is swimming in a bikini or going to college.  Your life doesn’t stop just because you wear a bag on your side.  In fact she shows just how life is just starting after surgery.

Are you athletic?  Do you have IBD?  Well, your life isn’t over.  Brian at http://www.intenseintestines and Heidi from both show that just because you have a disease doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy exercise.  Whether it is hiking, running or can do it all.

With so much help out there online doctors need to step up their game.  They can’t give the advice that any of these sites can offer.  Most doctors don’t have enough time to spend with their patients to find out what is going on in their minds.  It is no wonder why everyone turns to the internet now.

One Really Cool Website

Recently, I was going through my bookmarks and I saw one I made for a website which I hadn’t been to in a while.  I clicked the link and when I got there, I saw there were a bunch of changes and all for the better.  I saw there were new people to link up with and I began exploring a great site that I remember loving when I first joined.
The website I am talking about is  Crohnology is a social health network for people with Crohn’s & Colitis to share and learn what treatments work, meet others near them, and track and share their health.  It is a fairly new site and has been featured in numerous places including the Summer 2012 edition of Crohn’s Advocate.

So what is the site all about.  Well, first off, everyone on the site has IBD.  So whoever you talk to will be able to understand just what you are talking about.  Second, you can look on a map and find people in your area.  You can see who is taking the same meds as you, or have had the same surgery’s.  You can ask questions to everyone regardless if you are following them.  You can also write blogs on there and share them with everyone.

So what makes this different from other sites.  Well, for one thing, the guy that started it, Sean Ahrens, has Crohn’s disease.  He understands what we go through and molds his site to those needs.  The other uniqueness is the map feature.  On most sites you don’t know where anyone is from unless they tell you.  From the moment you sign on, you can see all the people who live near you.  There is also a feature where you can create a Meet Up so you can plan a get together.

Right now, it is still in its infancy so expect to see more great things from them.  I can see them being a leading social website for people with IBD.  No one there will judge you.  They all have gone through the pain that we have at one point and many are there to help you through the rough time.  I know because I have had some questions answered there myself.

I look forward to seeing what the next year brings for this great website.  So, after you are finished reading my blog, head on over and join up.  You won’t be disappointed.  You can also find them on Twitter @Crohnology and on Facebook