One Really Cool Website

Recently, I was going through my bookmarks and I saw one I made for a website which I hadn’t been to in a while.  I clicked the link and when I got there, I saw there were a bunch of changes and all for the better.  I saw there were new people to link up with and I began exploring a great site that I remember loving when I first joined.
The website I am talking about is  Crohnology is a social health network for people with Crohn’s & Colitis to share and learn what treatments work, meet others near them, and track and share their health.  It is a fairly new site and has been featured in numerous places including the Summer 2012 edition of Crohn’s Advocate.

So what is the site all about.  Well, first off, everyone on the site has IBD.  So whoever you talk to will be able to understand just what you are talking about.  Second, you can look on a map and find people in your area.  You can see who is taking the same meds as you, or have had the same surgery’s.  You can ask questions to everyone regardless if you are following them.  You can also write blogs on there and share them with everyone.

So what makes this different from other sites.  Well, for one thing, the guy that started it, Sean Ahrens, has Crohn’s disease.  He understands what we go through and molds his site to those needs.  The other uniqueness is the map feature.  On most sites you don’t know where anyone is from unless they tell you.  From the moment you sign on, you can see all the people who live near you.  There is also a feature where you can create a Meet Up so you can plan a get together.

Right now, it is still in its infancy so expect to see more great things from them.  I can see them being a leading social website for people with IBD.  No one there will judge you.  They all have gone through the pain that we have at one point and many are there to help you through the rough time.  I know because I have had some questions answered there myself.

I look forward to seeing what the next year brings for this great website.  So, after you are finished reading my blog, head on over and join up.  You won’t be disappointed.  You can also find them on Twitter @Crohnology and on Facebook

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