The Health Activist’s Writers Month Challenge – Day 19 Vintage

Post a vintage photo of yourself, with a captain about the photo and where you were in terms of your health condition.


This is one of those days where I wish we had a choice of topics to talk about.  Instead, this was the only topic available and sadly, I have nothing to offer.

I don’t have pictures of myself while I am sick.  I got sick before the internet and smartphones.  When I was diagnosed, Instagram didn’t exist.  I never ever thought about documenting my journey with this disease.  I never took before and after photos.

That isn’t to say I don’t have pictures of myself.  I have normal pictures of myself pre-Crohns and post-Crohns.  None of them speak about my disease though.  None tell a story of my condition and where I was.  The fact is that I never really knew what I had or what it was about so why would I put it in pictures. 

So sadly, this is a very short post.  But the bright spot is that from time to time I take pictures now so just keep an eye out.  I know in another couple of months I will have some real good ones to share (Take Steps and Get Your Guts In Gear).

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