The Health Activist’s Writers Month Challenge – Day 16 Misinformation

Tell us 3 things that are true about you, your condition, or your Health Activisim.  Tell us 1 lie.  Will we be able to tell the difference?

Ok, I get to tell you 4 different things about me.  The fun in this will be can you tell which one of these things is a lie.  For the fun of it, I won’t tell you which one is a lie.  Instead I would like everyone to leave a message and let me know which one you think is a lie.  Maybe, after this Writer’s Month Challenge is over I will let everyone know which one is a lie.  So, let the fun begin.

1.  I started my activism on 2012 after being in the worst flare of my life.  I was coming off a really bad year.  Not only had I lost my father in law to Ulcerative Colitis but I then went into a flare that made me go to the bathroom around 30 times a day.  I would spend most of the day in the bathroom instead of living my life.

2.  I currently treat my IBD with diet only.  In January of 2012 I went Gluten-Free and have been using this diet as my medicine.  I decided that I was tired of all the side effects from meds so I went off them and decided to use diet only.  I am now in remission and was told as long as I keep up the diet I should stay in remission.

3.  I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at age 15.  Unlike a lot of people, I was diagnosed pretty quickly.    I was sick for about a week and when I started getting worse instead of better, I saw a pediatric GI who put me in a hospital for tests.  After almost a week I had the diagnoses.  Overall it was about 2 weeks.

4.  One of my biggest fears about my disease is that one day I will have to have my colon removed.  In the past this really scared me because I thought my life would be over.  Now I know my life will go on…but it still scares me a lot.

So now you get to guess which one of these statements is false.  Let me know in the comments below.

2 comments on “The Health Activist’s Writers Month Challenge – Day 16 Misinformation

  1. rissy26 says:

    I will guess the lie #2.

  2. PartiallyUnstuffed says:

    Lie #2. Unless I missed something. I thought you were on low dose naltrexone, but I could be crazy.

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