The Health Activist’s Writers Month Challenge – Day 15 Sharing

Comment! Pick someone else’s blog post and write a comment to them. Write that comment as your post for today and link back to them to let them know you were inspired.


I follow the following person on Twitter and she is an amazing woman.  When I read this post, I saw just how tough she is with her disease.  Here is her post:

And here is my response to her post:

This is such a great post. It took me back to my days of being in the hospital sick to the point that I didn’t want to get out of bed. When I got diagnosed, I had no clue what CD or UC were. For you it must have been really scary since you had experience with it already.

Reading your post also made me see just how much has changed over the years. When I got diagnosed IBD wasn’t really known. There weren’t many meds to take. If I wanted information, I had to go to the library because there was no internet. When you got diagnosed, it seems like they kind of knew before the tests what you had. You can then reach out for help via the internet.

I am not saying that IBD is a good thing to have because it isn’t but this is a real good time in history to be diagnosed because there are so many resources, meds, support structures, etc to help us get through this damn disease.

Last, I just want to say, I agree with your last statements. Things are going to happen no matter what. I think we need to just live life and deal with whatever occurs. You are a strong woman. You won’t let your disease stop you. You truly are a IBD Warrior. Thank you for being an inspiration…and an online friend.

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