World Ostomy Day

A fellow activist asked if I could post something about World Ostomy Day and I thought, why didn’t I think of this.  I don’t have an ostomy but many of my online buddies do and my father in law did also.

So, on Oct 6, 2012, the world will be celebrating those people with ostomies.  Go out and help spread the word and if you have one, show it off.  Be loud and proud.

There are a bunch of things going on sponsored by the UOAA (United Ostomy Association of America, Inc) and can be found on their website here

If you can’t celebrate in the real world, you can do it in the virtual world.  One group on Facebook  is throwing a virtual picnic.  It can be found here
To everyone with an appliance – you are strong and brave.  Show off your beauty on Saturday and let the world know that you won’t go down fighting.