The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challange – Day 6 Letters

Write a letter to your condition – what do you want to get off your chest?

Dear Crohn’s;

We have known each other for about 25 years now.  We have had some good days and we have had some bad days.  We have laughed together and we have cried.  Well, this letter is to put you on notice.

I have learned a lot since the early days.  I remember when we were first introduced to each other.  It was at L.I.J. hospital and I was just a scared teenager.  I thought I was going to be sick forever and then the doctor told me about you.  After bothering me for the next 2 years, we called a truce and you left me alone for my college years.  I was very thankful for that.  What I didn’t like was that you never told me about yourself.  You remained a mystery to me and I never really got to know you.

Flash forward many years to the year 2010.  For some time now we were reintroduced and you have given me trouble, but I had learned to live with you.  Then tragedy struck.  Your cousin, Ulcerative Colitis, was very cruel and took my father in law from us.  This hurt me very deeply.  To add to the hurt, you decided to start causing trouble.  For 2011, there was nothing but pain and despair with you.  You were nothing but cruel to me.  I wanted you gone once and for all.

Little did I know that the pain you were causing would help change my life.  When you gave me my darkest days in January 2012, I would see my life change.  Your cruelty would cause so much joy in my life.  Something awoke inside of me and I decided to finally learn about you.  I did my research and while doing that I got to meet some of the greatest people in the world.  Not only do they live with your relatives, but they would be some of the most inspirational people I would get to know.  They would show me that you don’t run my life but I do.  No matter how hard you try to cause me problems, I would no longer let you.

These people you forced me to meet, and I am thankful for that, would give me the strength to fight back.  They would show me that the foods you wanted me to eat were not good for me and my health, so I would change.  I know you don’t like me being gluten-free because you won’t survive.  Sorry, but I have to look after my health.

I know you loved all the meds I was taking because they didn’t seem to hurt you, only me.  So once again, I am not sorry that you don’t like the naltrexone that I am taking.  Those people you force me to meet, well they told me that this drug would be great for me and would maybe help you make the decision to move out.  Sorry, I have to listen to them.  You have stayed here for too long.

I know have learned what you are.  I have learned that I don’t have to let you run my life.  So I am putting you on notice.  I know you will never leave me, but you have to leave me alone.  I will not take any of your “crap” anymore.