My First Real Attempt at Advocacy


For the past year I have been doing my blogs, talking to people online and even participating in the CCFA’s Take Steps.  Late December I decided to kick it up a notch. 

I was reading a lot of stories online about people with IBD having to pull over on the side of the road to immediately relieve themselves because there were no rest rooms in sight.  Now, this is of course dangerous and illegal.  It can cause problems on the highways and can even get the person stopping killed by getting hit by a car.

So I am sitting there reading these stories and I start to think of my experiences travelling on the interstates.  I think about how you can go for miles without any exits or rest stops.  The wheels in my head started turning and I had an idea.  I started first by emailing my state representatives.  Of course I got no responsive.  I asked for assistance from some people on line and they helped me with thoughts and getting a letter drafted.  Lastly, I started a petition online.

You are probably now wondering what I am talking about.  Well, I am now starting a campaign to get port a potties put on the side of interstates and thruways.  The petition can be found here and if you live in the USA, please go ahead and sign your name to it.US DOT - Federal Highway Administration: Create Port-A-Potty rest stops on side of Interstates and Thruways

Now, if you have stopped and read the petition, you probably have a lot of questions about it.  Yes, there are security issues, sanitation issues, etc etc etc.  I know there is a lot that has to be worked out with this project.  I don’t discredit all that.  This petition isn’t meant to be a simple solution fix.  I meant for this to be the start of something.  It is made to get the ball rolling and make people see that there are major issues on the roadways for people with IBD.

If you can, write your congressmen and senators.  Let them know of the petition.  Let them know that we are no longer going to sit by and be ignored.  It is time for us to raise our voice and be heard.