The Health Activist’s Writers Month Challenge – Day 30 Recap

You made it! 30 posts in 30 days! Today, write a recap of your experience. What was your favorite prompt? Least favorite? What have you learned?


And another writers challenge comes to an end.  Somehow this one was a little easier to write for then the last one I did.  But, 30 posts in 30 days.  Really makes me think of burnout.  Not the pit of despair that I talked about on day 20, but writers burn out.  It isn’t easy to come up with 30 posts so fast.  I was given the topics which help but just trying to think of what to write puts a toll on the mind.  After this I need to take another break. 

Looking back over the post I see I had some pretty decent ones.  I think my favorite one, and it wasn’t the longest or the best written, was Day 5 Aspiration.  The more I talk about what I want to do in the future the more excited I become.  Just the other night I was talking to some friends about my dream and they really got me excited over it.  It feels good to have something to strive for in life.

Now, for my least favorite..well this is a hard one.  I think my least favorite was Day 25 Learning.  It isn’t that I didn’t like the post.  It is my least favorite because it is the first time my post caused a controversy.  I got a lot of messages about this one and about what ME is.  I kind of jumped the gun when I wrote the post and didn’t do the research first.   But, as a writer not everyone will like what you have to say and will let you know that.  So I guess that post helped bring me up in status.  I feel I am in the Big Leagues now.

As for what have I learned…well I did learn about a new disease (ME).  I literally learned from my mistake.  I also learned humility and how to accept that I did something wrong and admit to it.  After all, I am human and we all make mistakes.

So, as the challenge ends so does this post.  Spring is in the air and I will probably be stepping away from the computer for a bit to enjoy the season.  But don’t despare.  There is a lot going on in my life and I know I will have more to talk about soon.  So until then, go out, enjoy the day….and see you soon.

4 comments on “The Health Activist’s Writers Month Challenge – Day 30 Recap

  1. Hi Jeffrey,

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts- especially the 30-day challenge ones! Thanks also for thinking of me for the “I am Part of the Family” award. It is so cool because I have been thinking of you for an award as well. I am just a total slowpoke when it comes to getting such things written up. It has taken me a month to write the following post which talks about my nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award… one of which is you! There are quite a few steps to do to accept the award and they can be found on my blog post here:

    No worries if you don’t have time to go through that process (especially after just writing up something similar). I am just excited to share your site with my readers along with the reasons I love it so much.


    • Thank you for this. I have always found it weird to have something like a blog and never know who is reading it. It surprises me when certain people tell me they read it and I was really shocked when you said that. I never would have thought you were an avid reader…but I like it. Thank you for all the support. You were actually one of the first people I stumbled upon when doing my research on IBD when I was sick in 2011 so I kind of think of you as being one of my inspirerers (did I spell that right?).

      Please keep up the great work you do and keep on inspiring others. You really show others that a disease, no matter how bad, is never the end of the road.

  2. PartiallyUnstuffed says:

    Hey buddy, congratulations on completing the challenge that I can’t remember the acronym for! I’ve been pretty absent from the blogging/social media/outside world lately. A virus has me in hibernation, but when I feel better I look forward to reading more of your work because I always love hearing your perspectives. Thank you for blogging! You make our world better.

    • Thank you so much for those kind words. You brought a smile to my face.

      I hope you start feeling better. I miss seeing your blogs but most of all, I just want you to be healthy.

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