The Health Activist’s Writers Month Challenge – Day 22 Day to Day

Write about the things you couldn’t live without – list 10 things you need or love the most.

There is so much in life that I couldn’t live without.  But I will cut it down to 10 things for this post.

1.  My wife – My wife completes me.  She is the yin to my yang.  She lifts supports me and gives me inspiration.

2.  My family – Family is always there when you need them.  We all live in different places and my not talk much, but when they are needed, they are there for me.

3.  My dog – Sable was the first dog I ever had and I can’t imagine how I ever lived without her.  She is there to give love unconditionally and with one look can cheer me up when I am at my lowest.

4. My IBD community – I never knew there was one until about a year and a half ago.  Now look at me.  Doing my own blog, contributing to the community and helping out anyone that needs it.

5. My GI Doc – I have been through a number of different GI doctors.  The one I have now is the best.  He listens to what I have to say and respects my input.

6. My computer – Or more specifically any computer.  The internet has changed my whole world in relation to IBD.  It keeps me in touch with everyone and helps me to learn more.

7.  My Ipod – I don’t know where I would be without my music.  It helps to inspire me and put me in great moods.

8. My job – I may not like my current circumstance, but deep down I love my job.  It reminds me how I can overcome this nasty disease.  Having a job keeps me sane (most of the time)

9. My Kindle – I love to read.  I love to read.  Did I mention I love to read.

10. Wego Health and their Writer’s Challenges – I wasn’t going to put this, but really, it has helped get me out of a writing funk, not once but twice.  It helps give me focus on things to write.


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