The Great Experiment Part 2

Last January I was in a nasty flare.  I was going to the bathroom 30 times a day.  I was obese with high cholesterol and high blood sugar.  My body was a mess and I wasn’t treating it nicely.  So, I decided to make some changes as many of you already know.  I joined Weight Watchers to lose weight, which I was pretty good with.  For the year I lost about 30 lbs.  I also went Gluten-Free to help with my Crohn’s.  I wanted to give my intestines a rest from the harsh fiber of wheat.  Also, this was supposed to help in reducing my blood sugar levels.  Lastly, and this happened later in the year, I switched meds.  I went off Humira and started Low Dose Naltrexone.

For the most part everything was working well.  I achieved what seemed like remission.  I lost weight.  I feel good and healthier.  I was finally on the right track.  And then it all came to a crashing halt.  The Dreaded Holidays!!!   Anyone that knows me knows I like to eat.  Well, the holidays give me that opportunity.  Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate covered anything.  With New Years Eve, there is a lot of eating, then some drinking, then some more eating and yes, more drinking.

Well, it is now January 2013.  My weight has been fine and I don’t think I have gained too much weight back as my clothes still fit.  However, the past week or so I have been going to the bathroom more.  I am not feeling as healthy as I should and I know the reason.  I have been putting garbage into my body again and have completely looked away from eating right.  I am now paying for it.

So now I know that diet most definitely plays a part in IBD.  Today is Friday night.  This weekend is my last hurrah.  As of Monday I start up my experiment with nutrition and IBD and get back to eating correctly.  I am going back onto the Weight Watchers plan.  I am going to stop putting nasty chemicals into my body.  I am going to start treating my body like it should be treated.

A lot of people still say that nutrition means nothing when it comes to IBD.  I think I might have proven this past year that it does.  When I ate healthy with all natural products I was doing great.  When I started eating junk again, I felt like I was on the verge of a flare.  I have learned a lot in 2012 and I know that I need to stop NOW.  I need to practice what I preach.

So I will continue on my journey come Monday.  I won’t look back.  I won’t second guess myself and I won’t regret it for one minute.  I want to be completely healthy.  I want others to look and me and say, “If he can do it, then anyone can” because I couldn’t do it for so many years.  I denied the nutrition connection and ignored my weight. 

The holidays are done.  My denial is over.  I had my fill and now I need to continue my journey and my experiment.  Welcome to Jeff 2.0.  Time to take all I have learned and put it into practice.  And there is nothing better on a journey than some company…so Who Is With Me?

6 comments on “The Great Experiment Part 2

  1. Levi says:

    It’s good to hear you are going to get back on track. I believe 100% that nutrition plays a part in IBD. I speak from experience with getting my colitis in remission with just the right diet and no medications. I know that may not work for the most extreme cases, but it is still worth a try. It makes sense to put the best food in your body when it is having a difficult time digesting things. Just take it day by day and hold yourself accountable.

  2. Dear Jeffrey,

    I wish you all the best as you start 2013 off right!

    I have ulcerative colitis, and I’ve noticed that food has no effect on my flares. For me, it’s lack of sleep and stress. If my sleep is disrupted and/or if I’m stressed, the colitis wakes up and doesn’t calm down for weeks. I now see the warning signs, and give myself Pentasa enemas to avoid a full flare.

    My blog is called Living – in Harmony – With Chronic Illness. I research and share ways to cope with illness and still be happy! If you’d like to contribute your thoughts on living with Crohn’s, I’d love to have you!


  3. I think it’s fantastic that you were willing to give dietary changes a try and found that they work for you. I have Crohn’s disease and also found that dietary changes helped me. I went from being in a position where my doctor was talking about surgery as my only option to being on no medication and feeling good for almost 4 years now. I wish more people with IBD would be willing to make some changes to their diet because I really think it would help alot of people. I hope you keep finding ways to feel great and thanks for sharing your experiences. Best wishes as you go back on the diet that is healthy for you!


  4. I agree that nutrition DEFINATELY plays in a role in UC or Crohn’s. My doctor told me that I may be able to eat some things while well that upset my stomach during a flare but for the most part it doesn’t matter what I eat outside of that – yeah right! I try to eat 80% whole (real) foods and can definitely tell a difference in my *bathroom behavior* when I get off track with my eating. I am interested and excited to see your progress this year. I have some really good recipies and favorite real food sites if you ever need to add more variety to your plate 🙂

  5. Eva Wyler says:

    Nutrition DEFINATELY takes a part with my Crohns. During a flare, well I literally can’t have anything but water and some Gatorade, anything I put in causes extremeee pain the second I swallow it, it’s incredible. Now that the holidays are over, I too buckled down. I’m back in remission and when I did I was scared of certain foods but slowly they reentered and when I did regularly… I felt like a flare was coming. As soon as I buckled down and watched closely what I was eating- I feel amazing. Definitely no flare coming (knock on wood). Also, same thing after my college graduation this past year. During celebrations all week for my brother and I there was “good eatin'” everyday… And I felt awful after that week. Bathroom and pain started and I was in a huge panic bc I knew it was starting… I broke out my juicer and soaked myself with vitamins from juicing like crazy for 2 weeks and…. No flare and felt awesome. Nutrition plays a part, maybe you are severe like me and that’s why. Maybe when you’re mild it doesn’t effect yet?? Idk but good luck bc you are so right! God bless.

    • Part of the thing with me is I wonder if I am gluten intolerant. For years I never was 100% fine but now that I went off Gluten I am great. I have a mild case of CD so it isn’t like I am in bad shape with it. Sad thing is now that I am gluten free I can’t get tested.

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